Specialising in cutting horse training
& horsemanship

Grant is a professional cutting horse trainer who, with his wife Dru, has established a beautiful training complex at Loomberah via Tamworth NSW. Grant worked in the USA for Kathy Daughn, a 2 time NCHA Futurity Champion, as assistant trainer for 8 years. During Grant’s time in America, he was fortunate enough to work with other leading cutting horse trainers such as Faron Hightower, Craig Thompson and Llyod Cox as well as Joe Wolter fine tuning his horsemanship skills. Grants greatest attribute is his approach to positive coaching and the ability to prepare clients for the show pen with his mental conditioning program. On grants return from the States, he worked for Extreme Quarter Horses for 12 months training and showing. In the 12 months Grant took his boss to win a national title. On leaving Extreme Quarter Horses Grant, has established himself as one of the top trainers, making the futurity finals every year.

Private coaching

Private lessons are available. Please enquire within for further information.


Dalby 20th & 21st October 2018

Proston 27th & 28th October 2018


We aim to cater to the individual needs of both horse and rider, catering from beginners to advanced and everything in between!